SOAR In Your Zone

By Sheryl Nicholson, CSP


Sheryl Nicholson, CSP

Sheryl Nicholson, CSP

Good Morning Sleepy Head!  No?  You’ve been up before dawn, had your coffee and already got 3 hours into your day?  Good for you!  For the rest of us…we too need to find our “zone”.

All of us have zones of energy, creativity, sleepiness.  Does it make sense to work creatively in your sleepiness zone?  Of course not…yet we will schedule appointments and take on projects when we are disconnected from our own energy.  So take a week and make a note in your calendar of the times you feel E for energized, S for sleepy and C for creativity.  Then schedule your appointments around your own zone.

When you’re working in your zone, you never look at a clock for the time…it just flies by.  Personally, my creativity often comes while driving.  To get the most out of that time, I bought a tiny MP3 recorder that allows me to store 14 folders with over 8 hours of creative thoughts.  It’s so much better than the old tape recorder that you had to fast forward and rewind to find what you were looking for.  And this MP3 player allows me to download that file onto my computer and then convert that to text.  Wow!

I’ve also found that when I’m in the mood to write…that’s what I do.  I don’t stop to take phone calls or check my email.  I write while it flows and when the tap is dry…I move on to other things.

I’m NOT a morning person so why would I schedule important business meetings around breakfast?  I wouldn’t.  There are always exceptions.  If the client IS a morning person and requires that time of meeting to be in his or her zone, then I comply.  But I know my energy will be off so I make sure I mentally prepare before that meeting and I follow up with an energized phone call later when I’m in MY zone.

I have a friend who works best in the middle of the night.  She has small children and takes care of them in the day time.  She cooks dinner and “switch hits” with hubby allowing him to play and bathe the kids and tuck them in.  This allows her to get into her zone and work.  After the kids are down for the night and she tucks her hubby in, she gets up and works until 3 in the morning.  It works for HER.  She thrives on that schedule.  It wouldn’t probably be out of anyone else’s zone.  But who cares?  Where in the rulebook of life does it say you have to work 8-5?  It doesn’t.

So find your zone and soar within it!


About Sheryl Nicholson, CSP:  CSP Sheryl Nicholson is an International Professional Speaker and Author.  She has been doing training since the 1980s and also has a private coaching business.  She is known as a People Productivity Expert focusing on skill development in sales, leadership, time management, goals, communication, and life balance.  As a private coach she focuses on Successful Presentation Strategies.

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